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UniCase Master

UniCase Master


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Seco Warwick Service (SWS) was established to help customers deal with these down time situations and improve overall equipment reliability. Seco Warwick Service can manage all types of heat treatment and auxiliary equipment regardless of the equipment manufacturer. We increase uptime with the utilization of automated process maintenance, support system architecture and technology solutions for renovation, modernization and relocation. Seco Warwick offers various furnace styles for Gas Nitriding and Is the exclusive supplier of the proprietary ZeroFlow method of economical gas flow control. The system can achieve optimum results with gas nitriding using uniform, high convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control. Carburizing and quenching of steel gears provides the surface hardened teeth and flexible core necessary for a long-lasting gear. To address the major causes of deformation during heat treatment, Seco Warwick has developed a new concept - the UniCase Master, a single-piece flow case hardening system. This system adjusts to the size and shape of the particular gear in order to minimize distortion and ensures ideal repeatability of results gear after gear. The CaseMaster Evolution meets a wide variety of process specifications with a single system CaseMaster Evolution is a new economic generation of sealed quench furnaces used in various industries – aviation, automotive, machine-building, bearing and commercial heat treatment.