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Fours sous vide


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PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of vacuum systems, supply high-quality furnace solutions for application technologies such as annealing, tempering, nitriding / plasma nitriding, hard soldering, sintering and diffusion bonding. The material spectrum to be treated by our customers ranges from low and highalloy steels, stainless steels, powder metal and sintered materials to special materials such as titanium, graphite and technical ceramics. The COV series is equipped with graphite heating and insulation. For particularly demanding processes, these systems can be equipped with highpurity graphite components. The MOV series of ovens, suitable for high-vacuum and ultrahigh vacuum applications, is equipped with metal heat resisting elements and thermal insulation made of metal sheets of different materials. COV and MOV vacuum furnaces are used in horizontal as well as in vertical versions, mainly for annealing, tempering, hardening, outgassing and soldering. With the aid of the PlaTeG-PulsPlasma technology steel surfaces can be hardened and refined. As a result of such treatment, wear and corrosion can be reduced. PulsPlasma Nitriding, an energy-saving and resource-conserving heat treatment process, is gaining in importance as an alternative to gas nitriding or hardening in the aerospace, automotive and wind power industries as well as in the offshore sector due to technological advantages. Pla- TeG- PulsPlasma Nitriding systems are hotwall furnaces, which are designed as bell, pit or chamber furnaces depending on the component spectrum to be treated. The unique PlaTeG Mono-, Shuttle-, and Tandem-system for bell-type furnaces allows a flexible adaptation to the required nitriding capacity and the optimum utilization of the available furnace time. The applications range from pure low-temperature processes (LT-PPN) to the treatment of stainless steels with high chromium contents up to high-temperature applications (HT-PPN), e.g. The plasma nitriding of titanium alloys.